white mountain escape


Even though Spring has only just arrived many people are already dreaming of summer evenings spent in the great outdoors. Our family has fond memories of escaping to the White Mountains of New Hampshire every July, where we watched the sun go down to the natural soundtrack of the loons calling across the lake. The sheer immensity of the wilderness is striking to visitors. Driving up I-91 we felt a release from the bustle of everyday life, increasing with every mile of forestation we passed. Every year I waited in the hope of seeing a moose but to no avail. The wildlife in this part of the United States is legendary. There are black bears, raccoons and beavers walking the land and great blue herons wading in the water. There are hawks flying on the breeze and tall fir trees in the dense White Mountain Forest that create a haven of quiet bliss.

We feature one of America’s best loved poet’s this week, around the time of his birthdate. Robert Frost has long been associated with New Hampshire’s landscape and many of his most popular poems have been inspired by a walk in the local forests. Come and join us on a White Mountain escape as we pay a visit to a place dear to his heart!