We are here to support young learners and their caregivers in the process of early literacy development. We understand that as children grow, their personal experiences build a bridge between each stage of language development. When children's wonder is nurtured through nature, their innate curiosity shines. Our team is committed to connecting you with resources that promote joyful learning and outdoor exploration. 


OUR Team

We combined years of experience in early childhood education and outdoor exploration to begin this new adventure. Phonetic Planet exists to serve young children and their caregivers, parents, teachers, and families. By playing to each of our strengths, we are able to bring you inspiring, proven approaches to helping children connect meaningfully through both literacy and outdoor discovery.   





Given the choice, Everett's preferred location has always been anywhere outside. A four month thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail only reinforced this preference, while propelling him toward Forest School teacher training and place based education. He has explored forests and coastline in several countries, binoculars at the ready. Everett brings both his knowledge of the outdoors and his artistic skills to his work with Phonetic Planet.   




Susan finds miniature versions of everyday objects on a regular basis, which she likes to incorporate into her programs and activities. Her favorite hobby is making and laminating vocabulary building materials covering every topic a child might ever be interested in. As an AMI certified Montessori guide at the Primary level (age 3-6,) Susan spent over twenty years working with young children in classrooms around the world. She is delighted to share inspiration and ideas with you through Phonetic Planet. 


Deirdre believes in exploring the world around us, and that learning should be the farthest thing from drudgery. Finding ways to provide supportive, engaging, and inclusive learning environments is one of her favorite ways to spend her time. She feels so strongly about it that she designed her own college degree studying exactly that. Deirdre likes getting things done and helping people, which serves her well as she handles Phonetic Planet's development and outreach.