Testimonials for Phonetic Planet

"What a gift to Montessori….and to the global community! There is nothing like the quality of these books that enhance the child’s love of nature, tenderness and enthusiasm. The illustrations are exquisite and are complemented by simply worded information that young children can read. They preserve and strengthen the sense of awe and wonder that children naturally possess supporting Montessori’s view– that nature and education are synonymous."

Virginia McHugh, AMI/USA Executive Director Emeritus

Montessori Coaching Program National Director, Wildflower Foundation


"Thank you so much for these beautiful books. What a wonderful project! They are absolutely fabulous. It is so nice to see an alternative phonetic reader, and one so carefully crafted to be beautiful to the eye and to the touch. I love that the focus is on birds, and that they tell a real story. The children spend so much time feeding the birds, watching them and learning about their habits and calls. I love that they will be able to read about them as well. I can imagine the child wanting to return to these books time and again. They will make a lovely addition to the classroom, and I can’t wait to see more! Let me know when you publish the next installment!" 

Dr. Cara R. Johnson | Head of School

Litchfield Montessori School


"Phonetic Planet’s (initial) set of early readers: ‘ROBIN’and ‘KESTREL’are lovely to behold, each beautifully embossed with the name and ‘signature footprint’ of the subject of the book. Designed for everyone who appreciates nature-based, realistic illustrations with a text that is clear, simple yet appropriate for children learning to decode as well as the emergent reader!  The illustrations reveal the sense of intimate familiarity with the animals featured from the tilt of the European robin’s head to the keen look in the kestrel’s eye as it hunts for its meal. 

These early readers inspire conversation and encourage curiosity; I wish I had them as a resource during my teachings days! They make a wonderful addition to the classroom, a home library as well as a lovely gift to treasure."

Anne-Marie Fenn, M.A., Educational Consultant

Former Head of School and Primary Directress