Featured Organization

Phonetic Planet Visits: Seal Rescue Ireland

 A growing non profit on the coast of Ireland



Phonetic Planet Asks: Caroline Bond

"From feeling the hot sand blowing into my tiny face on the beaches of Biscarrosse in France, stinging my sun browned face, and carrying the smell of the pine trees on it into my nose...these interactions sparked a total wonder for nature and a fascination with how all living things are connected"

A short introduction to one of Scotland's most recognizable literary figures. 


Five for the Forest

A small collection of poems gathered for International Day of Forests. 


Phonetic Planet Asks: Spencer Jenkins

"I use objects from nature within my work because the natural world has had a massive effect on me. It helped make me who I am today…" 

Spencer_Jenkins_Coronation_Arch_Windsor_2013_copyright_Gill_Aspel-7a_aa copy.jpg


Phonetic Planet Asks: Dermot Cosgrove

"The land surrounding it was a mix of landscapes from conifer forestry to open fields, small lakes, deciduous woodland and marsh land. I learned to track rabbit and fox there…" 


Let Nature take the lead

By Susan Shea, published in NatureWriting


"The indoor classroom needs extensive and careful preparation in order to meet these needs. However, nature effortlessly provides an environment in which a young learner can engage and explore in the process of discovery..."