preschoolers garden

Balancing the time demands of garden maintenance with parenting can be difficult. Certainly, a new baby can sleep contentedly under a shady tree while the weeding gets done and, for as long as naps remain part of the daily routine...


blue blue heart

He was only halfway through the process. There were hundreds of little plastic beads that needed to be lined up according to a prescribed pattern, with the final step calling for a hot iron to run over the top and merge them together in a work of supreme art. 


the age of reason

One of the most interesting parts of parenthood lies in the humor of realizing that children are always changing. As soon as I felt that I was beginning to understand my daughters’ behaviors, the game seemed to change and I was left scrambling ...



Of all the admirable traits that children under the age of five possess, I am most appreciative of their distinct honesty. An adult life largely spent among large numbers of preschoolers has led me to understand that at no time in their future will these humans ever be so open, so unguarded and so comfortable in their own skin. 



I am lucky to live ten minutes away from a butterfly house, in which I can relax and admire these beautiful and fragile creatures as frequently as I choose. It’s a peaceful place to visit, particularly  on a rainy day when the sound of the raindrops on the glass adds to the effect.