Click. The last one out had to grip the black painted letter box inside the flap, as the door knocker was broken. To prevent a loud bang, it was necessary to pull gently but firmly. 


to have and to hold

Some of you are seasoned birdwatchers, hikers, campers, naturalists or even all of the above. Many, of course, are just beginning your outdoor adventures. Whether you are comfortable in the outdoors or simply wish to develop a new family interest in spending more time outside, parenthood can bring new opportunities and new challenges to something as simple as a walk in the woods.

bright evenings

The summer equinox brings to my mind a picture of children playing next to the base of a large mound of sand (or was it gravel) in an Irish farmyard. The game was school, and it went on and on, beyond tea time and into the late evening. As with most games of its kind the teacher might have been ...